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Tuesday 27 March 2012

Keepers of Water by R G Porter


The media, fuelled by environmental scientists, is ever-increasingly on at us all to care more about the world we live in and urges us to be wary of the consequences of exploiting its finite resources.  Some of us take it very seriously, and some have a devil-may-care attitude believing their own lifetime is perfectly safe…

….but what if there was another world which bore the brunt of the effects of our selfishness?  What if the inhabitants of that world suffered directly from the way we continue to use and abuse what nature has given us freely and liberally?  What if the inhabitants of that world are forced to enter ours and seek revenge for our unwitting destruction of theirs?  The two worlds share, not only essential resources, but also an inability of those who rule to agree on the best remedial approach.  As a result, a young girl, Arieana's, brother is killed by a militant faction amongst his own people and Arieana is forced into ‘our’ world to seek vengeance for his death. 

However, she encounters much more than obstacles in the way of her resolve.  She discovers, after meeting an enthusiastic archaeologist, that her world has a history kept secret by those who govern it, the key to which are some crucial ancient relics – crucial because they will be fundamental in saving mankind. The acquisition of these relics becomes a race as the militants are after them too – for much more devastating reasons.

This is definitely a book with a message – a very topical, serious and important message.  It’s artfully interwoven into a story with some very determined characters and a tense and climactic ending.  Scientists may try to instil in us the cause and effect of our devastation of natural resources, but Robyn gets you thinking on quite another dimension.

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