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Monday 30 January 2012

Gifts From The Past by Liz Borino

Back for a third time with the likeable trio of twins Matt and Chris and Chris's husband Aiden. Back with a vengeance!

The three young men are as engaging as always – the bond between the identical twins is just as strong and Aiden and Chris just as in love as they ever were.

A new set of challenges, hurdles, loves and losses find their way into their lives. There are touch-and-go moments, moments of intense passion and tenderness, moments of pathos, moments of joy, sympathy and achievement. 

Liz's style continues to be engaging and compelling – these three main characters have always, throughout books one and two, represented people whom you wished you had as neighbours or good friends and in book three remain so, if not even more. It is quite a feat to be able to make a fictional character someone you would wish to meet and Liz manages this not only with one, but with three of hers. 

I don't want to say too much more of the story – it would spoil it for this excellent sequel. What I can say is that you will enjoy and be engulfed with what life holds for our three friends and Liz's crowning glory at the end leaves you wanting for more.

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