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Monday 5 December 2011

Skateboard Sam by Samuel Chowdhry

This is a children’s book.  I am using the term ‘book’ as that is how it is described on Amazon, but in reality it is only 10 pages of cartoon – one per page – with a verse accompanying each graphic.  I think I would call this an e-comic.

It is short, yes, but it’s wonderfully and appealingly colourful, with extremely well-caricatured figures.  Sam has a new skateboard and his perfect day is skateboarding in the park. The story verses on each page have an attractive sing-song rhyming pattern. This short tale is the sort of thing you could read a child at bedtime.  If you can’t tire your little son/daughter with a cursory run-through, there’s masses of jazzy detail in each of the cartoons for you to pick over and talk about.

I would recommend reading the Kindle version a laptop or iPad/tablet where the rich colours will make the cartoons come to life.  The black and white keyboard Kindle isn’t really conducive to a comic-style booklet.  I hope this is published in hard copy, perhaps as a cardboard book – I think a child would enjoy turning the pages rather than ‘clicking’ them electronically!

Sweet and good fun for children.

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