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Tuesday 1 November 2011

Sonja's Place by Susanne O'Leary

If you want a warm, cosy and feel-good inner glow, then this sequel to A Woman's Place is just the thing.

This picks up the story of Sonja from the previous book through 20s/30s/40s America and we witness her life's loves, ups and downs, hopes and achievements.

As with A Woman's Place, the author has taken her information from her great aunt's letters and diaries, keeping as true to them as possible.

Susanne's style is comfortable, and expressive and it's almost a compulsion to follow Sonja's life – you laugh with her, you cry with her and most of all you feel the utmost pride for the way she shaped her life with dignity, with acceptance and with thoughtfulness.

Considerably shorter than A Woman's Place, this did not compromise the quality or pleasure of the book one little bit;  it is captivating and complete and Susanne's style is easy-going, but assured.

I loved it.

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