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Sunday 27 November 2011

Cats: Instructions for use or how to survive being owned by a cat by Annarita Guarnieri

I’m sure many people have heard the expression ‘Dogs have owners, cats have staff’.  As the title suggests, this ‘cat manual’ endorses the sentiment.

Annarita is more than just a little qualified to verify the notion:  she is the cat’s fairy godmother.  She has given homes to many, many stray, orphaned and unwanted cats of all ages and conditions and brought those that needed it back to good health and given them a happy home with an unimaginable amount of care and love.  She therefore has credentials aplenty to advise cat lovers on how to become ‘adopted by a cat’.

This detailed manual tells you everything you need to know when taking on a cat from the street or a cat’s home:  how to acclimatise it to its new surroundings, how to feed it, how to treat any existing conditions and how to prevent others, the pitfalls, how to make sure you gain the upper hand of these clever little felines, but above all, and most importantly, the utmost pleasure to be gained from your new housemate.  Annarita has learnt from her own mistakes and is not too proud to let you know.

There is more to this ‘manual’ that straightforward, direct and impersonal instructions.  Annarita has illustrated many of the ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ with her own experiences of the many cats she has cared for and loved over the years.  She imparts much much more than just her knowledge and expertise – she shares her passion for and devotion to these fascinating creatures.  It’s very hard to remember while you are reading and learning that this is actually a ‘how-to’ tract.

If only my DVD instructions were so informative, impassioned and interesting….

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