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Sunday 25 September 2011

A Hint of Murder - The Doctor by Lia Fairchild

This was the second in the Hint of Murder series by Lia and the quality was no less high.  Another well-shaped novella with all the right ingredients and seasoned to perfection.

The problem of hospital ward overcrowding seems to be taken seriously by a serial patient killer……..but what's the pattern, the reason and who out of the 5 suspects has motive enough to take the lives of innocent bystanders?  These are the questions that the detectives have to solve.

It doesn't seem possible in a short story to be able to provide much character development, but Lia is very skilful in choosing just the right information to compile a well-defined conception of each of the characters.  So much so, that you are kept guessing right to the very end.

More please, Lia, these are getting addictive.


  1. Cathy, you made it sound interesting enough that I went to Amazon - read a synopsis there of the plot and I wound up buying it. When I looked for other books by Lia Fairchild - it turned out I had already read another one (Special Delivery). Thanks for the review !! NDG

  2. I too read this before it was published and thoroughly enjoyed it - well done Lia - looking forward to the next one!

  3. Thanks for the review. I love crime novels and think I might give this one a go.