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Thursday 25 August 2011

A Miraculous Fate by Kristen James and Tommy Garrison

It may seem a little strange to say how enjoyable this book is when the main character of it is Cancer. A wife’s, Victoria’s, desperation at the unthinkable loss of her adored husband clouds her judgement so much so that she cannot comprehend why he, a healthy, strong male got terminal cancer – did he ‘take’ it from his cancer-stricken teenage sweetheart? If so, could she, if still alive, take it back? So desperate is Victoria, that she goes to extraordinary, uncharacteristic lengths to try and make this happen to save her husband, her lover, the father of her children. Life without him is quite simply something she cannot contemplate. So obsessed with her aim is she, she forgets all rationale, but more significantly, the part played by destiny in life – or is it fate – or IS it destiny ?

This book was well-written and evoked a number of emotions – frustration, sympathy, admiration and surprise when a little twist pops up towards the end, it is impossible to put down. Well done, Kristen and Tommy – a thoroughly satisfying read.

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