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Friday 26 August 2011

Heartaches and Miracles by Greta Burroughs

This is an account of the author's experiences with a weird blood disorder called ITP, an autoimmune disease where her immune system is producing antibodies that destroy platelets. 
I found this very compelling. One doesn't normally pick a book about a rare disease or condition unless suffering from it...but I found this very interesting indeed. Greta has done an outstanding job of describing the sheer awfulness of it all—despite the despair, heartache, frustration, terror, and the other unpleasantness unfortunately happening to those near and dear to her at the same time, she never bogged the reader down with the science of it all and, more poignantly, there isn't a hint of a whinge or a moan from her. Greta has a wonderful style of writing and this was a fascinating, comprehensive, but easy-to-read account of her horrible experiences. It was well organised and the anecdotes about her adored four-legged companions were welcome little 'interludes' which made the whole account very readable, but still impacting.

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