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Friday 26 August 2011

Angelo's Journey by Leland Dirks

If you love dogs then this is a must-read. If you are old enough to remember The Incredible Journey, then this short tale will tug at the heartstrings. It tells the tale of an intelligent Border Collie who goes missing for 5 1/2 weeks.  The author, the distraught owner, can only imagine what happened to him in that time and how he found his way back home, but knowing this beautiful dog's character and disposition, Leland conceives a poignant diary of Angelo's journey back home – the people he touched, the emotions he evoked, the lives he changed, and the hope he brought;  all these things, by his presence, his silence, his gentleness, his understanding and the simple innate desire of a dog's need to please.
I defy anyone to read this charming book and not be touched.  It's quite simply one of those books which you just don't want to come to an end.


  1. Indeed...a real treasure of a book! Enjoyed your review!

  2. We are completely and totally honored... thank you so much for reviewing the book! We're also really excited that it's now available for Kindle, the nook, AND in paperback! Thanks for helping spread the word!